I’m friends with aliens?

Hi everyone, i;m back again! Today I’m going to share about my friends in school whom I treasure the most than my boyfriend. Char! I have 5 pretty alien friends. Aliens? Yeah right, by the way we call ourselves aliens. So funny, right? And we are all newbies in our school. And we get along with each other not so long ago. Two of them already make it to went to our house for our group project. At first, I thought it was only a joke that they’re already nearby my place but then suddenly, someone knocks our door. And then I found the two of them with a  huge smile. Hahahaha. We took some pictures that day.

Then, around 2pm they already went home. And also before I forgot, they are able to go at my place because the classes that day was being suspended. And we took the opportunity to make our project in salvation history. That’s all! Annyeong!


Baby but not blue eyes?

Hi again! Now I’ll be sharing about someone. Someone I know or somehow I can call my friend. This person catches my attention. By the way, let me name that person as Q. Oh, that’s the first letter I have in my mind when I’m talking about that person. Okay, by the way, I know Q not so long ago. I am friends with Q. I felt awkward when I’m with Q since I have this strange feeling when Q looks right through me. So weird, I tell you. But I cope up because I don’t want to have another meaning to every strange and weird actions Q has shown towards me. Besides it’s not even confirmed and I don’t want to confirm either. Then realization comes right through my mind. At our age, so many things we don’t know are about to happen. We don’t know what are they. We are just living the present time of our lives. I’m way too broad but life also is. We don’t know what will happen next, so right now I’m enjoying every moment of my life together with those special persons I’ve met along the way including Q. All I want right now is to live my life to it’s fullest and don’t regret in everything. Instead, be thankful that you have the opportunity to live your life and be with the persons you love. Cheer up everyone!

At the mall!

Hey guys! It’s me again, Richelyn. Now I’m gonna tell you about my epic moment at the mall.

It was Friday and I didn’t went to school that day because my mother wants me and my brother to be with here at the mall. We went there at around 12 noon. And of course we ate at Jollibee. My brother was full of joy and happiness that time. I can see it right through his eyes. And then, after we ate at Jollibee, we proceed at the store. We shop there and have fun searching some girly things we desire. And at our last stop, we end up at the grocecy store. My brother takes the pushcart while my mother and me was busy getting supplies for our house. Then, it’s time for us to pay at the counter. It’s line was so long and I was like “Oh my goosh! Are we gonna make it till 5pm?”. So we transfer to another line. And then, we found our perfect match. Char! We waited there with my brother while my mother goes to somewhere else inside the store. I think she left something to buy. While I was waiting for our turn to pay, I get bored and I can feel my knees are quite aching so I decided to settle down for a bit. I didn’t notice that my brother alreadt takes pictures of me. It was so funny. It turns out this wayExif_JPEG_420Exif_JPEG_420Exif_JPEG_420

After I’ve seen this photos, I founf myself laughing. I was so funny. Hahaha!

Hello Kitty everywhere!

I was surfing the internet and then suddenly I notice that my best friends are still active in our group chat in messenger. I was overwhelmed. It makes my heart flutter so much. Hahaahha 😀 Knowing that we separate ways after finishing grade 8 at AFM Compostela. We haven’t have any proper and long conversations after that time. I thought they changed but actually they didn’t. They tell me stories about what they experienced in their present school. Then my friend from UC Banilad opens up that hello kitty thingy topic. But before I would like you to know that I really like, no I really love hello kitty. I don’t know why. hahahaahaha:D By the way that friend was a girl. She really knows that I love hello kitty. And then she told me about that hello kitty cafe nearby their campus. And she said that they’re going to hangout there with her UC friends. And I was like  is  oh my god, don’t do that.  I’m going to let that store close. hahahahaha. And then she sends me pictures of that cafe. It was really amazing and wonderful. It’s beautiful actually.

How I wish I go could there.   22684811_1649060058501615_1027194758_n.jpg

And she also sends me pictures of the foods they sell there just like this.     22657168_1649060085168279_1373744707_n

If I was there I could only stare at the food and take many pictures of it and I’m not gonna eat it. hhahahaha 😀 It appears too precious towards me since it’s really my favorite. Oh, I wish I could go there. Can someone please bring me there? joke.

Rush Hour Friday

What a day! What a tiring day. So many projects that needs to be pass on time.  So many reporting thingy, drawing thingy and so on. I bet I do look so haggard a while ago. I can’t really imagine my face when I’m seating right over my chair, doing all my school works. And also all the people around me looks so loaded and busy. actually, we are all busy. And today seems so epic because one of our teacher walks out in our class even though the reporting is still on going. I bet our teacher gets pissed off because of some voices at the back portion of the room calls her attention. And actually our teacher that time was a female teacher. I really expect that she is so hard to convince since she is a girl, and which we all know that is so emotional and sometimes hold grudge deep inside. I hope she’ll be able to forgive us for being so stubborn. I hope so.