At the mall!

Hey guys! It’s me again, Richelyn. Now I’m gonna tell you about my epic moment at the mall.

It was Friday and I didn’t went to school that day because my mother wants me and my brother to be with here at the mall. We went there at around 12 noon. And of course we ate at Jollibee. My brother was full of joy and happiness that time. I can see it right through his eyes. And then, after we ate at Jollibee, we proceed at the store. We shop there and have fun searching some girly things we desire. And at our last stop, we end up at the grocecy store. My brother takes the pushcart while my mother and me was busy getting supplies for our house. Then, it’s time for us to pay at the counter. It’s line was so long and I was like “Oh my goosh! Are we gonna make it till 5pm?”. So we transfer to another line. And then, we found our perfect match. Char! We waited there with my brother while my mother goes to somewhere else inside the store. I think she left something to buy. While I was waiting for our turn to pay, I get bored and I can feel my knees are quite aching so I decided to settle down for a bit. I didn’t notice that my brother alreadt takes pictures of me. It was so funny. It turns out this wayExif_JPEG_420Exif_JPEG_420Exif_JPEG_420

After I’ve seen this photos, I founf myself laughing. I was so funny. Hahaha!


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