Hello Kitty everywhere!

I was surfing the internet and then suddenly I notice that my best friends are still active in our group chat in messenger. I was overwhelmed. It makes my heart flutter so much. Hahaahha 😀 Knowing that we separate ways after finishing grade 8 at AFM Compostela. We haven’t have any proper and long conversations after that time. I thought they changed but actually they didn’t. They tell me stories about what they experienced in their present school. Then my friend from UC Banilad opens up that hello kitty thingy topic. But before I would like you to know that I really like, no I really love hello kitty. I don’t know why. hahahaahaha:D By the way that friend was a girl. She really knows that I love hello kitty. And then she told me about that hello kitty cafe nearby their campus. And she said that they’re going to hangout there with her UC friends. And I was like  is  oh my god, don’t do that.  I’m going to let that store close. hahahahaha. And then she sends me pictures of that cafe. It was really amazing and wonderful. It’s beautiful actually.

How I wish I go could there.   22684811_1649060058501615_1027194758_n.jpg

And she also sends me pictures of the foods they sell there just like this.     22657168_1649060085168279_1373744707_n

If I was there I could only stare at the food and take many pictures of it and I’m not gonna eat it. hhahahaha 😀 It appears too precious towards me since it’s really my favorite. Oh, I wish I could go there. Can someone please bring me there? joke.


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