Rush Hour Friday

What a day! What a tiring day. So many projects that needs to be pass on time.  So many reporting thingy, drawing thingy and so on. I bet I do look so haggard a while ago. I can’t really imagine my face when I’m seating right over my chair, doing all my school works. And also all the people around me looks so loaded and busy. actually, we are all busy. And today seems so epic because one of our teacher walks out in our class even though the reporting is still on going. I bet our teacher gets pissed off because of some voices at the back portion of the room calls her attention. And actually our teacher that time was a female teacher. I really expect that she is so hard to convince since she is a girl, and which we all know that is so emotional and sometimes hold grudge deep inside. I hope she’ll be able to forgive us for being so stubborn. I hope so.


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